Many times, support teams receive incomplete error tickets. The lack of information increases the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR), which, ultimately, leads to revenue loss for the company. That’s not only a problem per se, but most of the times prompts internal conflicts between support and IT Ops teams, as there’s not enough evidence backing a system failure or how it came to exist.

Have you tried explaining app issues to people outside of development, operations, or security? You're going to hear "In English please" about a hundred times. How do you solve that? What if all of your app issues were in video form? If they were, you could show instead of tell.

That’s when Screencast Monitoring, also known as Session Replay, enters the stage. With real visual monitoring you can capture, index and visually replay the complete digital experience for a user journey across browsers, interfaces and devices.

That’s even more powerful when aligned with Synthetic Monitoring, as you can define a user journey and Screencast Monitoring will record every Synthetic Transaction, allowing you to replay a session that led to a system error.

You literally plug-and-play the entire testing process. You connect with your synthetic monitoring solution, set up what you want to test, and run it. Then, you receive videos of issues, and you can direct the program where and what to test.

This “tape-recorder” approach allows support and IT Ops teams to visually detect errors with millimetric report. This strategy eliminates silos between your business, development and operations; therefore, freeing up valuable time and resources - allowing you accelerate innovation, optimize performance and proactively anticipate how user behaviours impact your business.

As it is a trustworthy visual representation, it can easily be reported throughout several non-IT departments in your company, as it will require zero coding skills to analyse what happened.

Screencast Monitoring gives support team valuable information that drastically improves their ability to resolve cases quickly and effectively.



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