In the current world, observability is something that no one should ignore. This is because of the ever-increasing services and technologies required by modern enterprises. Observability is about monitoring, logging, tracing, debugging, and profiling similar systems. When you don't monitor your applications, you can't know whether they are working correctly.

A well-designed app or system should have the right observability from its development stage. You don't have to wait until the system is in production to begin observing it. Instead, it would make sense to start observing it in the early stages of design. Keep on reading to learn more about observability.

How to build a business case for observability

Observability supports the tech team's ability to have a clear insight across their operations and systems. This is critical in today's complex IT architecture, where a business has many apps. The solution architect can follow three approaches for observability to build the business case. They include:

Keep track of metrics that consumers care about

Observability helps eliminate customer complaints about your website performance, so having a dashboard can prevent performance issues. Based on a SuperOffice survey, customer experience is the main priority for business, more important than the product and price. Ensuring your website performance is seamless is crucial.

Developing dashboards with important metrics allows you to uncover performance issues before the system fails and help you create a proactive response to the problem. By doing this, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied with your platform, leading to higher engagement levels and preventing them from shifting to faster websites.

Secure C-suite buy-in

To become a C-suite champion requires time. However, the best place to begin is by reverse-engineering the advantages of a system so that it can be represented in dollars.

Thinking of a strategic case that an organization cares about is a good place to start towards creating a buy-in. You can begin by showing that the risk of clients leaving your website has decreased or that there is an increment in engineer productivity or sales have increased. Regardless of the metric, using the system outcome to justify the expense can help you with the executive management.

Set KPIs to show the value of a business

As a tech leader, you may be prone to measure your performance against downtime and uptime. However, the top management wants to see customer satisfaction in dollars. KPIs should change to mirror business-related goals like money and time saved by not requiring to shell out for service-level agreements. This ensures that the data provided by observability software is powerful and relevant to the business's bottom line.

Benefits of 2 Steps end-user observability

The main benefit of observability is that it makes a system easy to understand, monitor, and update a new code and repair. In general, observability directly supports the Agile/DevOps/SRE goals of having a high-quality system. 

Due to the increased complexity of modern systems and the undeniable need for better monitoring, you shouldn't overlook the need for observability. Some benefits of using 2 Steps software include:

No code automated testing

To test all your end-users applications or system, you don't have to worry about creating a code. Why? 2-step monitoring software doesn't require any code, so you can rapidly develop tests across the applications. This makes it better for end-user experience monitoring.

Point and click

The 2 Steps monitoring system is easy to install and use. So, any employee can use it. Also, 2 Steps will guide you through the process, or if you face any challenges, they will help you. 

Flexibility across all environments

Another benefit of 2 Steps is that it's flexible. Observability across complex applications like Citrix and mainframe 2FA for solution architecture is difficult. However, this system makes it easy since it works on all networks or stacks. 

Bottom line

Observability is critical in today's complex and numerous systems. It helps IT Operations eliminate glitches and bugs and develop a smarter, faster, and more robust system. If you are searching for a monitoring system, visit our website or contact us and learn more about our software.


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