2 Steps has recently partnered with JDS Australia to provide world-class 2 Steps integrations and services to Splunk customers across the region. This partnership cements a long-standing working relationship between the two companies.

JDS Australia provides a wealth of experience in Application Performance  Monitoring and Splunk. 

2 Steps are a Splunk Technical Alliance Partner with the only agentless monitoring solution that is purpose-built for Splunk. 

"With an extensive heritage in application performance management and end user experience monitoring, JDS is excited to partner with 2 Steps and bring their unique solution to customers. 2 Steps together with JDS' expertise in synthetic monitoring and Splunk is a great fit for providing a single view of application and end user performance and availability." Brian Grant, General Manager - Splunk Practice

In addition, 2 Steps unique agnostic framework makes it ideal for clients looking to quickly launch no-code monitoring programs across a variety of environments. This partnership will serve to help both 2 Steps and JDS provide world-class services to clients in need of industry-leading monitoring solutions.

"We have been working informally with JDS Australia for a while and are delighted to be officially partnering with the JDS team. Their experience and skills with Splunk and synthetic monitoring is a perfect fit for 2 Steps, and we look forward to helping organisations across the region with End User Experience Monitoring." Simon Trilsbach, CEO at 2 Steps

As part of this multi-year partnership, JDS Australia will provide ongoing implementation, training, and advisory services for Australian clients looking to implement 2 Steps into their robust IT architecture. 2 Steps unparalleled monitoring capabilities are a perfect fit for JDS Australia's incredibly rich DevSecOps, ITOps, and AIOps capabilities. JDS Australia clients interested in 2 Steps can expect features like:

  • Platform-agnostic monitoring that works seamlessly across Windows, Citrix, Android, Web, and terminal applications
  • Easy-to-use monitoring scripts that work instantly in 2FA environments
  • Seamless Splunk integration
  • World-class video replays of any detected issues
  • Scriptless and agentless monitoring using a patented imaging engine
  • No-code monitoring that can be deployed in seconds

These new capabilities will help JDS Australia clients remediate application frictions, maximise user experiences, and minimise tech tickets. 2 Steps is currently Citrix Ready, Splunk Certified, and accessible across any platform, at any time.

About JDS Australia

JDS Australia has nearly two decades of experience helping businesses implement, manage, and support their IT stacks. As Australia's only locally owned Splunk Elite Partner, JDS has a wealth of experience implementing and maintaining Splunk as well as executing Splunk-driven strategies surrounding ITOps, DevSecOps, AIOps, and Security. In addition, JDS Australia has partnerships with ServiceNow, AppDynamics, and, as of now, 2 Steps. With +70 employees and years of experience in consulting, training, supporting, and implementing testing, monitoring, and IT management solutions, JDS Australia continues to bridge gaps between IT strategy and cybersecurity in today's increasingly growing threat landscape.

To learn more about JDS Australia, contact them at 1300 780 432

About 2 Steps

Based in Melbourne, Australia, 2 Steps is the world's foremost "agentless" monitoring solution. Built on a custom engine, 2 Steps bypasses the scripting and agent requirements of traditional, Selenium-based monitoring solutions. The heightened flexibility and platform-agnostic core of 2 Steps makes it immediately useable across every environment, including Windows, Mainframe, Citrix, Browsers, Mobile, and more. In addition to its no-code, no-fuss architecture, 2 Steps unique architecture allows it to monitor seamlessly in 2FA environments — providing additional elasticity and power to businesses looking to quickly shift-left their app monitoring capabilities.

To learn more about 2 Steps, send us a message.


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