Whether you're looking to introduce more automation into your DevSecOps cycle or you've decided you need to protect your apps against rising security threats by testing app breaking points, synthetic monitoring can be a massive boon to your IT infrastructure. But, choosing the right synthetic monitoring vendor can be tough. Each vendor is going to claim to be the "best in the business", but can they back that up?

2 Steps and Synthetic Monitoring for the win

This is our typical "we're better than our competitors" post. But, how else are we supposed to brag a little about the solution we've built? Don't worry; we're still focused on creating value-driven posts for our users. That being said, today we're going to take a break and brag a little. We've built our solution from the ground-up to be smarter, faster, and more accurate than other solutions on the market.

So, we decided to prove it. Each business has a selling proposition. It's the set of features that make their product or service distinct from their competitors. It's the je ne sais quoi of your business. Let's talk about ours.

Do you want to know why you should choose us instead of all of those other vendors? Here are four unique selling proposition that we offer that our competitors don't.

We Handle Multiple Channels

Multiplatform Synthetic Monitoring

2 Steps is versatile across multiple unique channels. Sure, some of our competitors can handle Chrome. That's great! Did you know that 2 Steps can run on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Windows channels, mobile channels, Java, and plenty of other unique app pipelines? We know that the current DevOps environment of app building requires fluidity in channel approaches. Some apps need to run on Chrome while others need to run on IE. The software development lifecycle (SDLC) is faster and more collaborative than ever, and our solution can complement that lifecycle with incredible automated testing benefits baked into an extremely versatile solution.

This means that you can plug our solution into multiple app environments, and it will run smooth-as-butter. Why is this important? Purchasing a solution that only works in certain environments is restricting. That's like buying a car that you can only drive to certain stores. With 2 Steps, you have the freedom to roam the highway of apps. So, whether your business needs that cutting-edge chrome app for operations or that IE app for simple automation, we've got your back.

So, next time a vendor tells you that their active monitoring solution can handle Chrome, ask them what other channels they can handle. We have a feeling that question may throw them off.

No Code Required

No-coding Synthetic Monitoring

Many of our competitors have an agent that they require you to install in the app. While this may work for some applications, other apps simply don't have the ability to upload custom code. Do you think Google is going to let you plug additional code into their app? Of course not. Up to 85% of apps are composed of external components. Some of these components will let you plug in custom code, sure. But, what happens when you run into ones that won't? Do you ditch the project? Do you spend money on expensive post-launch testing? Neither option sounds too terribly good.

Of course, you could always simply use an active monitoring solution that doesn't require you to plug in any custom code. 🤔

We Have Splunk Integration

Splunk and 2 Steps

Are you already using Splunk for app management? Great! It's an amazing product. That's why we made feed all of our operations straight into the Splunk dashboard? That means that you don't have to run multiple dashboards, and you get your insights on your regular app management screen.

But, that's not all. We can also use machine learning, IFTTT triggers, and toolkits to send your 2 Steps testing feed into other applications. Do you use Slack for team collaboration? We can send your alerts straight to a Slack channel, which means you can keep up-to-date on your projects without switching between applications.

Do you use PagerDuty for incident response? Perfect! We'll send all of your 2 Steps data there! We can handle a variety of applications and feed you real-time-updates straight to your most used apps. This means that your workflow remains on-pace, and your testing benefits don't slow you down.

After all, you're using synthetic monitoring to help you automate a portion of your security-and-testing lifecycle, right? What's the point if it disrupts your workflows and lags your development cycle? We bring the updates to you — wherever, whenever.

Video Replay of App Issues

Video Replay Synthetic Monitoring

Here's a question. Have you tried explaining app issues to people outside of development, operations, or security? You're going to hear "In English please" about a hundred times. How do you solve that? What if all of your app issues were in video form? If they were, you could show instead of tell. Guess what? 2 Steps offers video replays of application issues.

This can also be helpful for dev teams as well. Did the application fail at log-in? You'll know to check the authentication server. Does the video show that the app failed when the synthetic user was using the shopping cart? You can check your payment gateways.

Videos give you insights into app behaviors and crystal-clear failure mappings by showing your team exactly where the app fell over.

Final Thoughts

We don't think we have the best synthetic monitoring solution on the planet; we know we do. Our synthetic security monitoring brings incredibly visibility into the security lifecycle. What good is a active monitoring that slows down operations? Why would you want to use an active monitoring program that doesn't let you work across multiple channels? Do you really want to deal with multiple dashboards and McGuyvered integrations?

With 2 Steps, you get incredible security glued to operational efficiency. Which means we can do our jobs — keeping your app secure — and you can do yours — creating incredible business applications. That sounds like a win-win to us.

Are you ready to experience the difference for yourself? Do you want to know what thoughtful active monitoring looks like?

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